Hola! Welcome TO My Travel Blog!

I am Syeda Tanzina HOSSAIN AMRITA (a long name I guess!) a Bangladeshi girl , currently wandering around Asia. By profession I am working in a publication company but deep inside I am a crazy traveler who loves to explore different places. I have a passion for Photography, Documentary Making and Writing which make me to contribute on Content Making Industry. In this mid 20’s, I dream to explore the world with a life fit into a backpack filling my entire passport!!!

Purpose of The Website 

I Travel to know about different places, people, cultures and heritage. I created this platform to  share my experiences,  travel tips, fun videos,photographing the stories and exciting adventures with everyone through out my journey.  I try my best to give travellers the authentic information that I didnt find in a single platford and inspire everyone how they can overcome to explore the world without hasitasion in their lifetime. I am here to develop and promote the tourism sector specially in the growing developing country. I started with my own Coutry, Bangladesh, which is enriched with many tourists spots and lifestyle.